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Chinook, Montana
Any story of the Sweet Home must begin with the gentleman who made it possible. Mr. Lloyd Sweet, a successful California investor and former Blaine County and Chinook resident, has benefited Chinook with many projects and became "Chinook's Fairy Godfather."
Mr. Sweet's goal was to provide a home where residents would have a bright and cheerful atmosphere. He wanted quality care provided to the residents and activities to keep the residents content and busy. This has been achieved by the efforts of the outstanding team members and Board of Directors, the support of the community, and the loving concerns of families and friends.

Esther Sheets was the first administrator of the facility.

Sweet Home received an Adult Day Care Facility license in November of 1999. The purpose of the program is to offer relief to care-giving families and provide social interactions. The following services are available: Bathing, dressing changes, tube feedings, and transportation to appointments.

Sweet Home's Board of Directors, Administrator, managers, and team members will continue to care for and comfort our residents by treating them with dignity and respect, which they deserve. Also, we will continue to set the standard for quality care in long-term care facilities by providing more hands-on care and developing new and more creative ways to meet the needs of our residents.
Mr. Sweet discussed building a hospital with Dr. R.H. Leeds, but was advised that the real need in the Chinook community was a nursing home. Mr. Sweet agreed and came to Chinook to find a suitable location. He wanted a view of the Bear Paw Mountains from the Sweet Home and selected the present location. The property belonged to Herb and Isabel Bonifas and they generously donated 2 3/4 acres for Sweet Home.  Neva Blackwood was also influential in bringing Sweet Home to Chinook.

Sweet Home consists of 8 Semi-Private rooms and 26 Private rooms (42 bed facility). Sweet Home was opened in August of 1969.  The first remodeling was completed in 1975, the Chapel was added in 1994, more remodeling was completed in 1999 and the Kitchen underwent a remodel in 2007. The improvements have greatly enhanced the quality of care at Sweet Home which enables us to survive the trends affecting our industry.